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At ETNA Supply we buy and warehouse the latest plumbing and waterworks products, parts and equipment in bulk. Then we sell these items to contractors, commercial building owners, builders and remodelers, industrial plants, and excavators.

Manufacturers like distributors because we purchase in large quantities and even though our customer base is huge the manufacturer only has to maintain a few large customers like ETNA. Customers like distributors because we provide just in time delivery for any quantity, we have product matter experts for a variety of products, and we offer credit terms.

This is a big and growing field. In 2006, industry revenues totaled $69.1 billion - nearly 50% more than they were a decade ago.

Now is the perfect time to start planning a career in Supply Chain Management.

  • Visit Industrial Career Pathway (ICP) for an industrial distribution overview, potential careers, educational programs and more.
  • Get a part-time job or any experience you can in warehousing, plumbing, or a related building trade.
  • Several midwestern universities offer majors in Supply Chain Management and Distribution. Contact the university for more information about their program.

Other universities offering a major in Supply Chain Management and Distribution can be found on the ICP website. We wish you the best in whatever your career choice is in industrial distribution. We hope you come back and visit ETNA Supply's website when you are ready to apply.

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