WaterworksDivision | ETNA


ETNA Supply's Underground Waterworks Division distributes waterworks material, sanitary sewer products and storm water products. Through our tenure, we have developed strong working relationships with the industries' leading manufacturers. The diversification of these manufacturers is one of our largest assets.

The Waterworks Division has a vastly diversified customer base. The three main customer types are governmental, private and department of transportation contractors.

ETNA Supply's Waterworks Division's sales and customer service department possess the knowledge and the ability necessary to meet the needs of the evolving industry. Employees receive continuous training to perfect their skills in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

This division has created strong working relationships with financially sound customers while still seeking new customers throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. With their loyalty and guidance, our customers have encouraged us to exceed our competition by distributing quality products and services at a competitive price.

The division is a leading force in the waterworks distribution business. Our tenure, manufacturers, experienced work force and customer relationships enable us to continually stand at the forefront of our industry.